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          1. Welcome Changzhou Xuner electric Co., Ltd.Official website!

            • 01645046157(Vietnam)
            • Contacts:Mr Kang
            • 江蘇省常州市新北區鳳翔路


            Changzhou xun'er Electric Co. Ltd. is a professional production of large power plasma cutting machine, CO2 gas shielded welding, stud welding machine, automatic welding trolley, large CNC plasma cutting machine, welding equipment and various cutting parts manufacturing enterprises.

            I have many years of production experience of research and development, all kinds of welding equipment and accessories complete, I Division and the major research institutes, universities, indus…

            Committed to plasma cutting machine production more than ten years

            Design, development, production

            Production Advantages
            • 01

              Brand enterprises, strong
              Years of focus on plasma cutting machine R & D, production and sales; large production plant, professional drying equipment technical team; international quality system certification enterprises, integrity enterprises.
            • 02

              Safety and stability
              The advanced production technology, ensure the service life of the equipment; automatic control system, greatly reduce the manual operation cost; waste heat recovery device, to meet the requirements of the times of low carbon energy saving.
            • 03

              User's common choice
              To provide a plasma cutting machine R & D, production, on-site solution one-stop service, saving time and effort; I Division and the major research institutes, universities, industry associations have close relations of cooperation, has a professional R & D team, and constantly develop new products, to maintain product leadership in the field of welding and cutting the industry.
            • 04

              Perfect after-sales service
              Provide a complete set of spare parts service, guarantee the service life of the equipment; provide technical upgrade scheme for the new customer demand for equipment used in the process of production and energy saving, saving the cost to the customer; provide the equipment operation training services, detailed technical guidance, to avoid error leading to stop production to bring enterprise losses.
            Popular keywords: Pulse digital welder Inverter welder Silicon controlled rectifier
            • Address:Fengxiang Road, Xinbei District, Changzhou, Jiangsu / Vietnam Office:L3-07 Cầu Am Vạn Phúc Hà Đông (khu liền kề Vạn Phúc Complex) Ha Noi city, Viet Nam.
            • Contacts:Mr Kang Tel:01645046157(Vietnam) 13327880902 Fax:0519-83888569
            • Zip:213116 E-mail:xuner@xunerwelding.com
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